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I love the piano. From playing, to tuning, to rebuilding. 

While obtaining a master's degree in piano performance at the IU Jacobs School of Music, I began dabbling in piano tuning thanks to the generosity of the illustrious technicians and cherished mentors Orman Pratt and Stephen Shaver. That's when I got "bit by the bug" of piano technology. I decided to leave the academic path and completed an apprenticeship in piano making at the Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg, Germany. During these years it became clear to me that I wanted to work on pianos. I subsequently moved to France in order to work with renowned concert technician and rebuilder Michaël Bargues of Klavierhaus France and to tune for concerts in Paris with Régie Pianos. Five years later, I completed the German "Klavierbaumeister" (master piano maker) certification, moved back to the US to start my own business, and thus, Bridge & Chisel Pianos came into being in 2023. 

Based in York, PA, I specialize in full restorations, action work, concert tunings as well as in-home service. I tune in the Mid-

Atlantic region. If you place your trust in me to restore, repair, or simply tune your instrument, I assure you that the synthesis of German artisanal discipline, French tradition, creativity and heart, as well as an ardent desire to promote the piano culture in my home country will yield a result that you are happy with and that I am proud of.  

See you soon.


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