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Keeping your piano in tune is essential to its proper functioning and longevity. Depending on how often it is played, it should be tuned 1-4 times a year. 


York and surrounding areas: $160


North of Harrisburg

East of Lancaster                 

South of Hereford

West of Gettysburg



I tune in the DC area on a regular basis.

Call at 1 (888) 766-8863 or send an email to to schedule a tuning!


After several years of use, pianos need to undergo processes called action regulation and voicing. Over time, the moving parts shift enough due to felt compression and humidity changes that evenness of touch and sound are compromised. Therefore, action parts must be cleaned, put back into alignment, and sometimes replaced.

Piano repair and maintenance is not a one-size-fits-all deal. I will analyze your piano, learn about what your goals and expectations are, and then base the game plan around this context. Pricing is at $100/hr + parts and tax, if applicable. Estimates are $90 and can be applied toward work that is done.  


Having a dehumidifier/humidifier system installed will help maintain the tuning of your piano throughout the season changes and mitigate the risk of soundboard fractures. 

Installation cost: $600 - $800, depending on the size of your piano

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