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The Bridge & Chisel piano restoration workshop is dedicated to achieving the best of what is possible. Many years of international experience, collaboration with other industry experts, and feedback from concert pianists help make this a reality.

The rebuilding effort must reflect the realities of the piano's quality, model type, age, and value. Therefore, as in piano maintenance, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The broad categories:


After many decades of use, the pinblock, which holds the tuning pins in place, must be replaced, due to excessively loose and uneven tuning pins.


In many cases, the original soundboard can be retained and repaired. By properly drying the wood and using thick spruce shims to repair cracks, compression can be restored and the old, tired board reawakened. 

If the soundboard is too far gone, it is better to replace it.


Often times, action overhauls are the single most effective crowd-pleaser. Instrument responsiveness and even sound quality can be drastically improved by optimizing the action. Usually, this type of work will accompany pinblock and soundboard work. 


In German, they like to say "Das Auge hört mit", or the eye also listens. Restoring the optics of your piano to its original beauty greatly improves the impression it makes on listeners, admirers, and players alike. 

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